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12:12 - 24th Apr 2014
28th March 2014: Admin Brave_Dave says... "Okay, I really am close to finishing the new site! It has been delayed because I keep redoing it over and over again after getting new ideas. Also I've been away a few times too. Here's a thread about the developments. Thanks."

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thai fight live (link inside)

rainey (369 days ago)
19th Apr 2013
Last Post:
7th May 2013

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12:46 - 19th Apr 2013

yod is just murdering some dude
13:52 - 19th Apr 2013

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14:14 - 19th Apr 2013
no, he fought some random who sucked
5:52 - 20th Apr 2013
Malik pulled out to fight buakaw.....
7:20 - 20th Apr 2013
yep i read that, absolute joke
10:36 - 20th Apr 2013
10:42 - 20th Apr 2013
yer, his last one against harley was also ment to be but then they just had a fight

something to do with buakaws contract, he not alowed to fight so they pretend its exhibition? god knows.
11:59 - 20th Apr 2013
Buakao has a contract with Thaifight until end of year, but they appear to have some problems between them so he is not fighting for them, will be back fighting properly next year
12:21 - 20th Apr 2013

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12:39 - 20th Apr 2013
Cos dingying Yod is disrespectful.
12:45 - 20th Apr 2013
Quote: Sam
Quote: rainey
yep i read that, absolute joke

Why is it an absolute joke?

“top competition faces top competition,” MAX seeks to differentiate itself from Thai Fight by putting popular Thais against legitimate foreign competition.

In the “main event,” Muay Thai icon Buakaw Banchamek is scheduled to face American Malik Watson
12:55 - 20th Apr 2013

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1:12 - 29th Apr 2013
For those interested, you can see my photos from Thai Fight in Pattaya;

1:40 - 29th Apr 2013
Pic 132 has a rib kick that looks like his body is caving in.
17:04 - 6th May 2013

buakaw vs mailk watson from MAX in surin.

went as expected
17:07 - 6th May 2013
Quote: Deathstriker
Pic 132 has a rib kick that looks like his body is caving in.

Wow, Great photo! It really does look like he ribcage has caved in.
17:16 - 6th May 2013
Buakaw vs Malik.....what a joke, as expected.

Which one of Olly's Lion fighters was supposed to fight Yod?
17:25 - 6th May 2013
malik was ment to fight yod!
18:46 - 6th May 2013

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8:37 - 7th May 2013
*yawn* That fight was sure a sleeper.

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