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 Quality Muay Thai on Koh Yao Noi island, near Phuket. 
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Chiang Mai
Team Quest Thailand
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Welcome to MuayThaiLand's Team Quest Thailand page. Team Quest Thailand is a camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This page is a portal to all the information about Team Quest Thailand that has been submitted by MuayThaiLand's members. If you are looking for information, answers, articles, videos and discussions about Team Quest Thailand then this is the place to be.
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Last updated: 4th Jul 2013

20th Jul 2012
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TQThailand says...

Team Quest Thailand would like to extend a warm welcome to all MMA and Muay Thai enthusiasts and fighters. Our trainers are equipped with the highest level of instruction and prepared to teach all skill levels from beginner, intermediate, and professional.

Team Quest Thailand is owned and operated by two foreign MMA and Muay Thai enthusiasts with over 5 years living and training in Thailand. Our goal, as previous students was to bring all of the best attributes of training camps into Team Quest Thailand. We have had the opportunity to travel around Thailand and hand select the best trainers, essentially putting together an all star training staff. After trial and error while training at other camps we have been able to put together the best training environment of any gym in Thailand.

If you want to train with the best trainers in the world come out and experience what Team Quest Thailand will offer.

Ask TQThailand About Team Quest Thailand!


Special Offer
Last updated: 8th Jan 2013

Special offer Expires December 31stth, 2012
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About Us
Last updated: 19th Oct 2012

Team Quest has been a pioneer in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts and is recognized as one of the top gyms in the world for producing champions.

Now that we've based ourselves in Thailand (the homeland of Muay Thai), we have access to some of the best Thai boxers in the world who are on hand to run the program and share their knowledge and experience with us.

Training Routine
Last updated: 19th Oct 2012

Our Muay Thai program is run twice daily in a traditional format:

7am - 9am Monday - Saturday
4pm - 6pm Monday - Saturday

Our Strength and conditioning program, FitQuest is run:

9:00am - 9:45am Monday, Wed, Friday

Our Pro MMA Fight Team trains at (by Team Quest Thailand coaching staff approval only):

1:00pm - 2:30pm

Our grappling program is currently running once daily and is lead by experienced coaches who have come over from our other branches located in the USA.

2:30pm - 4pm

If you have any questions regarding the training here don't hesitate to contact us.

Training Costs
Last updated: 19th Oct 2012

The Following are Team Quest Thailand training rates:

One session per day only 350

Two sessions or More per day only 500

One week only 2500

One Month grappling only 4000

One Month unlimted only 9000

Last updated: 19th Oct 2012

We have a wide variety of accommodation both on site and off site. We offer everything from budget dorms to nice hotels. Please email us with you preference.

Extra Info
Last updated: 6th Nov 2012

We offer world class Muay Thai, Submission Grappling, and MMA instruction (all experience levels welcome).



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Team Quest Thailand Video #3

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