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12:12 - 24th Apr 2014
28th March 2014: Admin Brave_Dave says... "Okay, I really am close to finishing the new site! It has been delayed because I keep redoing it over and over again after getting new ideas. Also I've been away a few times too. Here's a thread about the developments. Thanks."

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Some useful Thai phrases for us farangs

CamDiggy (2776 days ago)
16th Sep 2006
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9th Nov 2006

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15:49 - 16th Sep 2006
My Thai teacher is a very nice girl who does a good job at teaching me to speak and everything, but there is no way in HELL that I would be able to ask her to teach me some seriously useful shit like this stuff (to follow). So I asked my friend Arc to teach me some Thai phrases that I could really use when I'm there. Write these down - you WILL need them someday:

You're beautiful = Koon suay na krub

Do you have a boyfriend = Koon me fan mai krub

Can I have your number = Kor ber toe dai mai

Where is your place = Baan koon yoo tee nai

Come back to my place = Ma roang ram khab pom mai

Are you katoy = Pen tood plow

Wanna fuck = Pai yed gun mai

I have a big dick = Kuay pom yai na krub

I like shaved pussy = Pom chob khon tee goan moi

Condoms are too restrictive = Tung yang tum kuay pom jeb

I want to fuck you and your mother at the same time = Pom yaak yed koon lae mae kong koon

Use these phrases liberally and frequently, my friends. They will come in handy and get you in AND out of a tight squeeze. Spread the love.
16:35 - 16th Sep 2006
Apparently Thai bar girls know all of these phrases in english already...
10:32 - 17th Sep 2006
Good call Cam. I'm learning a bit of Thai at the moment but like you were saying, there's no section in the text book that covers this. There should be. Put it under 'key phrases'.
15:49 - 17th Sep 2006
If you guys have any phrases you wanna know, just fire 'em at me and I'll get Arc to translate :P Or conversely you could always go do it yourselves, but I enjoy asking my Thai friend to translate outrageous phrases.

And yeah man I think there should actually be an entire traveller's dictionary dedicated to phrases you can use to further your ill reputation. My friends went to China and the only phrase in Chinese that they learned well enough to use frequently is "I'm white and rich, get out of my way". Of course they aren't ACTUALLY that ignorant, but the reactions they would get and just the fact that they were actually saying it was hilarious (to them, at least).
17:49 - 17th Sep 2006
i heard these a lot
you ding dong( I'm sure i'm not the only one called ths)
go hog(i don't know the spelling but they said it means lier, it uses a short "o" in pronounciation)
nome (something like that, word for breast)
bah i'm losing my words already.
23:34 - 17th Sep 2006
Nom or nome means boobs.
Gohock maybe?

How about -
Pom chop nom yai. I like big boobies.
Bpai doi. I go with you?

My favorites are-
Koon yark ohm koi kong pom mai?
Pom ngyen maek maek!
20:35 - 18th Sep 2006
i bought some book for learning thai in thailand it cost me 50 bhat and someone stole it the same day when i left it outside of the cherrymart

however the name of the book was "thai for lovers" haha,
5:39 - 19th Sep 2006
Hey swedish boy I think maybe Wasana stole it!! She had one and we were reading it at the Cherry Mart!!
19:11 - 20th Sep 2006
hmmm...the plot thickens. The only thing that has ever been stolen from me was my virginity. I got it back eventually but I traded it a few months later for a Ren and Stimpy t-shirt.
3:44 - 22nd Sep 2006
23:04 - 9th Nov 2006
This is great man! Thanks!
I will study all weekend!

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