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7:56 - 19th Apr 2014
28th March 2014: Admin Brave_Dave says... "Okay, I really am close to finishing the new site! It has been delayed because I keep redoing it over and over again after getting new ideas. Also I've been away a few times too. Here's a thread about the developments. Thanks."
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• Name: Raymund Dean Manaois
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Hello There! I enjoy and appreciate the mixed martial arts in general. As the saying goes, "it's a way of life"! And it is for me.
Paying The Bills: Administrative Specialist working as a civilian contractor overseas.
My Styles: I train in Muay Thai as my primary, but I also train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Training: I train about four nights a week. I help manage and teach the Muay Thai Kickboxing Class overseas. We call it "The House". Unsure of my level, but I look forward to finding out when I go to Thailand in January!
Favourite Fighters: Buakaw Banchamek, Brian Ebersole, Ernesto Hoost, to name a few.
Impressive Injuries: My opponent broke his left hand and his right foot in my first mixed-martial arts fight.
Other Sports: Running, surfing.
Other Interests: Pistolry and riflery at the range. Working out at the gym.

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