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16:52 - 18th Apr 2014
28th March 2014: Admin Brave_Dave says... "Okay, I really am close to finishing the new site! It has been delayed because I keep redoing it over and over again after getting new ideas. Also I've been away a few times too. Here's a thread about the developments. Thanks."

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I am totally a beginner and lost in my decisions.

picoarchoun (317 days ago)
5th Jun 2013
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27th Jun 2013

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2:57 - 5th Jun 2013
I am from Morocco and has been to Phuket twice as a tourist,and loved the people and the culture.Now I am ready to make a change in my life and cleanse it too,I always loved Muay Thai and have seen dozens of fights when I was there.I am planning inchallah to go to Phuket in August and train for 3 month but I have been researching for almost a month for the right club for me,but still confused about where to start and which club would suit me as I am a skinny guy with no fighting experience at alllll.PLEASE guide me and help me find the best club for me.Thank youuuuuu
4:39 - 5th Jun 2013
doesnt matter if youre skinny , most moroccans are and most moroccans who fight as french or dutch fighters tend to be very good. Phuket for 3 months is expensive and many distractions. why dont you go to bkk or the countryside?
6:20 - 5th Jun 2013
Pick some camps and try them out first before deciding.
6:37 - 5th Jun 2013

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7:18 - 5th Jun 2013
O.o Do thais hate shy people?
7:26 - 5th Jun 2013

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7:59 - 5th Jun 2013
no, it was because he was called Keith

dont worry about it , everyone thinks im a fucking weirdo too. good call about try the gyms first though. that is a definite must.
17:06 - 5th Jun 2013
There are plenty of newbies and people who are just plain awful at Muay Thai in most gyms I've been too, none get fucked off to just hit the bag! Sam I don't know where you've trained but I've never seen that in Thailand. Even the most uncoordinated people always get pad time.

To the original poster, try Rawai Muay Thai or Sinbi. The town of Rawai has 4 or 5 gyms all pretty close together (Sinbi, Rawai MT, Phromthep, Lion, Bangrajan) so you can try all of them. All cater for newbies. Just try hard, listen and smile a lot. You'll be fine. Just do it. It will change your life.
19:11 - 5th Jun 2013
Firstly thank you so much for your great responses and I want Phuket because I m familiar with it and for money,I have some saving and I m ready to spend it to get result and change my life.And for Sam yes I m shy but it doesn t mean that we are weak,and I do smile a lot so thank you TNAS for been understanding and encouraging.As you guys said,I will try few gym for few days then decide where to stay because I want to be in the club s accomodation,so I have to be confortable and safe.
Thank you guys again.Peace.
12:10 - 6th Jun 2013
start training in morocco before going to Thailand. at least start in some boxing or kyukushin karate or taekwondo. just to get some coordination.
17:08 - 7th Jun 2013
skinny equals good you can fight easily compared to fat guys whomhave to lose tons of weight.

most times bigger equals more punching power but power comes from the ground a skilled fighter who is maybe 130 pds can floor any 200 poumder think pacqiao.
8:36 - 27th Jun 2013
Quote: Deathstriker
Pick some camps and try them out first before deciding.

This is the best advice you could get.

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