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9:15 - 20th Apr 2014
28th March 2014: Admin Brave_Dave says... "Okay, I really am close to finishing the new site! It has been delayed because I keep redoing it over and over again after getting new ideas. Also I've been away a few times too. Here's a thread about the developments. Thanks."
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• Name: Nathan T
• Nick Name: Fatty, Ladyboy, usel
• From Canada | In China

Hello There! Did bodybuilding, powerlifting and strongman until I blew out my back... Getting into Sanshou now here in China and loving it... Like Muay Thai as well but suck balls at it...
Paying The Bills: I'm white and speak English in Asia...
My Styles: Sanshou, Muay Thai, ladyboy handslapping and using my face to block strikes.
Training: At home once a day (like a puss), while in Thailand 2x a day.
Favourite Fighters: Buakaw, GSP (before he got boring), Bob Sapp (best striker in the history of martial arts), Saenchai, Ramon Dekkers.
Impressive Injuries: Nothing really, have a huge nose so I'm sure it'll get mashed in nicely...
Other Sports: Hockey, Football, Rugby, Wrestling, Muay Thai, Sanshou, anything really...
Other Interests: Fapping way too much...reading a good book, travelling, exploring, eating, lifting, etc...

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